Our work comes with a guarantee of quality, honesty and convenience. We pride ourselves on being easy to do business with and our environmental stewardship. All work is performed to ANSI Z133 Safety Standards and ISA Best Practices.

  • Tree Pruning - we prune trees of any size from young to mature. 

  • Ornamental Pruning - we prune large and small mature ornamental plants - everything from large hedges to small bonsai. 

  • Tree Removal - sometimes a tree just needs to go away - we can remove your tree safely and quickly. 

  • Stump Removal - we can grind that stump away for you.

  • Insect and Disease Management - we can help manage any insect or disease issues your trees and ornamentals may come across. We stay as environmentally safe as possible by using OMRI approved chemicals when we can. 

  • Tree Planting - we can plant trees to suit any landscape or architectural design. 

  • Tree Risk Assessment  - we are certified to perform tree risk assessments by the ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification - We strive to strike a balance between the risk that a tree poses and the benefit that individuals and communities derive from trees. We will offer an honest and easy to understand assessment. 

  • Tree Support System - we can install systems to help support large limbs, individual branches, leaders, and entire trees. 

  • Tree Lighting - we have helped install lights on trees at Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden for Gardenfest, for the past four years . We install lights on private trees as well. Turn your outdoor living space into a holiday wonderland.

  • Consulting - we can help provide answers or help solve problems with your landscape.

  • Soil Testing - we can take soil samples and provide soil management plans.

  • Soil Excavation - we have an Airspade® and can excavate soil around trees to help alleviate soil compaction or perform root pruning. 

  • Tree Swing Installation - give your kids the gift of trees. 

  • Cat Rescue - we can rescue treed cats. 

Check out this link to learn more about tree ownership. Tree Owner Information